Dawn Ellingson-Jones


Dawn Jones has been a barber for... as she states, "thirty thousand years" and then some!!!  Dawn began her career in women's hair as a professional hair stylist and colorist. She moved into an educational position with two highly reputable hair schools. The curriculum included the exclusive rights to the "American Crew" training. It was at then she discovered her love and passion for men's barbering.

Teaching weekdays and barbering weekends quickly moved into full-time barbering, beard trims and hot shaves. Dawn joined forces with Ricki Batson at and they continue their incredible partnership at "Buckshot Barber".

Dawn excels at beard trims, hot shaves and contemporary, cutting-edge styles for men. Dawn's clientele includes the baddest outlaws and biggest beards in Idaho!!! Her underlying strengths are her commitment and passion for barbering.

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